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TimerGPS+ Support


TimerGPS+ Support

Latest News

TimerGPS+ software update: 2/2017 TimerGPS+ Version:2.02.07

  • This update fixes some device pairing issues.
    • Optimized pairing with HR-Move
    • General localization fixes

TimerGPS+ software update: Release: 11/2016 Version: v2.02.00

  • This is a major release containing some of the most wanted features. Latest update for TimerGPS+ device contains:
    • Improved usability of Heart rate related functions
    • Recovery heart rate measuring has been added after every excercise
    • Heart rate log now logs event name and start- and end heart rates
    • An option to disable heart rate functions has been added to the options menu
    • General bug fixes

You can find the update guide below in the Guides section.





Update guide video

This guide shows how to update and upload your training data to our TimerGO service
You need the following to update your device:

  • Functioning USB cable
  • TimerGPS Connector software

Download Connector here: Connector



Below you will find documentation for TimerGPS + device.


Updates for TimerGPS

To update your TimerGPS+ device, download and install our TimerGPS Connector software. This software enables you to: download latest updates for your TimerGPS+ device; upload your training data to our TimerGO service. For detailed update instructions, visit our guides page.

TimerGPS Updater for Windows:



Before you send your device for maintenace, check that there isn’t anything you can do.

  • If the device othervise functions properly but the battery doesn’t charge or data doesn’t transfer to Connector software, check that the USB cable and charger are not damaged, by trying alternative cables and chargers

If none of the above worked, or the device is clearly damaged, send your device for maintenance.

Pricing: TBA
Warranty cases: TBA

When sending products to service, fill this form and send it with the package:

Service address:
TimerGPS Service
Urho Kekkosenkatu 2-4
87100 Kajaani

Contact information (08 am – 04 pm UTC+02:00 )

Maintenance related questions:
TimerGPS Service
+358 (0)45-120 0990
flag_ico_gb  Tbfinland

Software related questions:
TimerGPS IT-Support
+358 (0)45-203 8700
flag_ico_gb  Tbfinland