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TimerGPS HR-Move Support

TimerGPS HR-Move Support





Below you will find documentation for the HR-Move heart rate girth.




Before you send your girth for maintenace, check that there isn’t anything you can do.

  • If the sensor module doesn’t seem to work, try changin the battery for a new one. When the battery voltage gets low the range of the sensor gets weaker.

If none of the above worked, or the device is clearly damaged, send your device for maintenance.

Pricing: TBA
Warranty cases: TBA

When sending products to service, fill this form and send it with the package:

Service address:
TimerGPS Europe Oy
Automaatiotie 1
90460 Oulunsalo

Contact information(08 am – 04 pm UTC+02:00 )

Maintenance related questions:
TimerGPS Service
+358 (0)45-120 0990
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Software related questions:
TimerGPS IT-Support
+358 (0)45-203 8700
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