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Updates for TimerGPS

Updates for TimerGPS

To update your TimerGPS+ device, download and install our TimerGPS Connector software. This software enables you to: download latest updates for your TimerGPS+ device; upload your training data to our TimerGO service. Note that there are no longer updates for TimerGPS T100 model.

To update your device, follow these step by step instructions and/or watch the guide video:

  1. Download and install our TimerGPS Connector software (link below)
  2. If you’re not already, register for TimerGPS services (this can be done from Connector software)
  3. Start the Connector software
  4. Start your TimerGPS device and connect it to your computer
  5. Log in to the Connector software (if you logged in before connecting your device, you may have to log in again to register the device to your account)
  6. After loggin in, synchronize your device to find updates if available.
  7. If a valid update is found, the Connector will prompt you to update the device. Accept and follow the instructions given on screen. (an update may stop at 80 %, but the device has still updated properly. At this point, restart the device)
  8. Done

Update video

TimerGPS Updater for Windows: