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TimerGPS+ Product package includes:

  • TimerGPS+ Device
  • Micro-USB Charger
  • Micro-USB Cable

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Precision for equine training.

Progeny of the successful TimerGPS T100 and TimerGPS R100 devices comes the TimerGPS+ Combining all the training features of TimerGPS T100 and R100.

TimerGPS+ Features:
  • Shows pace in: min/km, min/fur, min/mile, yd/min, m/min, km/h or mph format.
  • Distance displayed in real time as meters or miles.
  • Real-time clock, exercise and lap times displayed on the screen.
  • Training functions: Basic, Interval, Track, Race & Countdown.
  • Heart rate check function for rest- and recovery heart rate with TimerGPS HR-Check!
  • Automatically saves exercise data for up to 10 horses.
  • All data is stored and can be easily analyzed afterwards from the device or from TimerGO web service.
  • Language versions: English, French, Italian, Swedish, German and Finnish.
TimerGPS+ Training Features:


Sykkeenmittaus_ENG TimerGPS + with TimerGPS HR-Check allows you to see your horses rest & recovery heart rate.


Basic-Exercise_ENG TimerGPS + displays pace in min/km, min/fur, min/mile, yd/min, m/min, km/h or mph units, distance and time, during the exercise.


Race-Exercise_ENG With the help of the Race exercise, the driver can simulate a real race situation. Simply choose one of the preset race distances of 1600, 2100, 2600 or 3100m. When the distance is chosen and start button pushed, TimerGPS will automatically display lap times just like in a real race.


Interval_ENG The interval function enables interval training. Simply by a push of a button the driver marks the start and stop of the interval. After each interval, TimerGPS+ displays time, distance and average pace in your chosen format.

TimerGPS+ & HR-Check
  • TimerGPS+ with TimerGPS HR-Check enables you to check your horses rest & recovery heart rate with ease.
  • Just press the HR-Check Handle against your horse’s flank to see the heart rate from the TimerGPS+ Device.
  • You can also check the heart rate on your android smartphone using a TimerHRM application.
TimerGPS+ Specs:
    • New sunlight readable Transflective LCD Screen with a backlight function.
    • New GPS-Chip Made by U-blox.
    • New improved Software, usable for all equine sports.
    • HR-Check automatic connection with the HR-Check handle.

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